coffie table  1,80 x 0,40 h=25 cm laquered plywood feet: beech wedge pieces

blue table   coffee table with shelf  59 x 116 cm h= 35 cm the glass top (d=42 cm) can be moved and used as a tray - laquered plywood beech legs

patchwork  coffee table  51x 120 cm  h= 36 cm  the different parts of the table (incl. glass top) can be moved and used as a tray. laquered plywood, beech legs

white table  54-48 x 140 cm h=35 cm  laquered plywood beech legs

craquelé  coffee table with different tops, covers and trays out of different materals: glass, cloth, laquered plywood   75x 80 cm h= 35/40cm